What is the advantage of magnesium batteries for cars.



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    The rechargeable Magnesium battery was developed at the Bar-llan University of Isreal.  Dr. Doron Aurbach and his team in the chemistry department developed the rechargeable system, which is non-toxic and non-flammable.  Also, magnesium batteries can be recharged thousands of times.  They are inexpensive to manufacture, lightweight, and safe to leave packaged on the store shelf for extensive periods of time–practically forever.  The battery’s performance does not suffer in extreme temperatures.  These batteries are used in high performance plug-in electric vehicles and other heavy-load applications.

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    As with all battery developments, the goal is to make batteries that are smaller, lighter, and, if possible, cheaper. Different people may choose different battery types for different reasons depending on how far they want their car to go and what is the best value. It is also important to have the ability to recharge it several times. Good old Lead-acid batteries are still a good choice for cars because they are cheap and very easy to recycle. However, it is always nice to have more options!

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