What is the advantage of having a plug in vehicle instead of a regular hybrid?



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    The advantage depends on where you’re charging your plug-in. Plug-ins can be highly advantageous in terms of greenhouse gas emissions if they’re charged where “electricity is generated with low-carbon fuels”. However, in coal-heavy regions, CO2 emissions wouldn’t be reduced. Also depending on the region, plug-ins charge on today’s grid would emit 5% – 40% less NOx than regular hybrids.

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    The plug-in hybrids use their electric motor as a primary engine, this is which tries to move the car around whenever it’s possible, while the gas engine only takes over when the electric one can’t cope with the car anymore. This would mean that it has a better mpg. 

    The hybrid uses a gas engine as primary, electric one for backup. This does charge itself while on moving though various systems. 

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    Because a plug-in hybrid mainly utilize the electric motor, the gas mileage for a plug-in hybrid can be as high as 100+ mpg.  As mentioned earlier, they are cleaner vehicles and are calculated to be cheaper to maintain than a hybrid vehicle.  Additional benefits include the possibility of using solar power or other renewable energy sources to power plus-in hybrids.

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