What is the actual process involved in recycling cardboard?



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    After the cardboard is collected (in the end, usually by a paper mill), the cardboard is pulped and blended with additional pulp from wood chips.  The old, weaker fibers are blended with the new pulp to make the medium, and recycled paper fibers and more pulp are blended to make the linerboard.  The medium and the linerboard are then shipped to a boxboard plant, where the cardboard is manufactured.  The medium is corrugated by machines, and then the linerboards are glued on.  The resulting flat pieces, called mats, are trimmed and creased. These mats are then shipped flat to customers who set them up into boxes.

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      Cardboard and corrugated board are not the same thing. You answered how corrugated board is recycled. Cardboard is recycled differently.

      If it is single ply board, it is recycled same way as paper. If cardboard is multi-ply, the recovered fibers are normally used in back, middles or bottom ply of multi-ply board.

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