What is the active ingredient in green shampoos?



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    There seem to be a number of ingredients in natural shampoos. A website called http://www.naturalcosmeticsupplies.com features a page on the ingredients found in natural shampoos. These ingredients include: acacia, chamomile, calendula petals, cedar wood, lavender oil, lemon grass, nettle leaves, citrus fruits, patchouli oil, and vetiveria. 

    Although each organic shampoo has it’s own list of ingredients, most organic shampoos use soap rather than detergents. 

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    Since the main purpose of shampoo is to clean your hair, the active ingredient in organic shampoos is usually a cleaning agent, probably a soap made from natural oils.  They tend to add in a lot of extra stuff to make your hair look/smell nicer, but the key ingredient is soap.  Interestingly, many people now believe that shampoo isn’t necessary at all, since baking soda will clean your hair just as well as soap will.  So, if getting your hair clean is all you’re after, you needn’t bother with all that fancy (and expensive) shampoo business at all!

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    Surfactants are compounds used in natural shampoos that remove oil from hair.For example, glucosides like decyl glucoside lauryl glucoside are used in Burt’s Bees More Moisture Raspberry & Brazil Nut Shampoo. Surfactant work to remove oil by forming clusters of molecules that absorb or trap oil until it is rinsed away.

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