What about killing whales is worse than cows?



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    I’m not sure it would be fair to say that killing one living thing is worse than killing another living thing. They are equally as awful, since both animals suffer in the end and lose their lives.

    I suppose the way the cows are mistreated makes the whole process worse. The drawn-out torture that the cows go through – being held captive in a cell, injected with steroids, forced to cannibalize, mutilated, before meeting their death…

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    I agree with the above poster entirely about the difficulty in determining on living thing OK to kill, and the other not. In the case of cows and whales, just for argument’s sake, a few possible differences could be presented.

    In many species of whales, populations are at a critically low level. Among narwhals, bowhead whales, and Western Pacific grey whales, for instance, total populations number less than 120 respectively. In the case of the Western Pacific grey whale, the death of just three females could result in “the extinction of the species“. This can be compared with cows, which, in California alone, number at least 5 million. Also, due to their huge size and range, there is very little we can do to proactively aid in boosting whale (unlike cows). Finally, whales tend to play crucial roles in their respective ecosystems. Cows, which live almost entirely on farms, play a significantly less important role in their ecosystems (or indeed, lack thereof) at large.

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