What is 3D printing?



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    Think of the way a regular printer works. It goes along a page, line by line, adding ink exactly where you need it in order to create the structure of white space and inked space that creates the words or pictures you’re trying to print.

    3D printers do the same thing, but with physical building blocks instead of just ink on a page. In addition, instead of just building on the 2D space of your page (length and width), it builds in 3 dimensions (length, width, and depth). It basically goes line by line up a structure placing building material as it goes, much the same way that a printer works line by line.

    You can build anything you want with 3D printers, as long as it fits the size of the printer. People have built flutes, replicas of organs, props from games, and things from famous TV shows.

    3D printers are growing to be a faster, simpler, cheaper way to fabricate products!

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