What is the #1 poached animal in the United States?



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    According to this previously answered question on GreenAnswers, it is the white-tailed deer. Even though deer populations in America are not in danger, poaching includes illegal hunting of an animal, whether it be hunting an endangered animal protected by law, or just without a permit.

    According to idusa.org, the most animals killed every year (poached or otherwise) are morning doves (42 million). 30 million squirrels, 28 million quail, 25 million rabbits, 20 million pheasants, 14 million ducks, 6 million deer and thousands of other woodland creatures are hunted and killed annually.

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    Yes, the white-tailed deer is the most hunted animal in the United States. There are roughly 20-25 million in North America, and are estimated to be the game of 11 million hunters (both recreational and ones that rely on hunting for their food). Hunting of the deer is still regulated by the government, though, in order to protect the species and make sure that the population is maintained and extinction never becomes a possibility. 

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    While white-tailed deer is the number one hunted animal in the United States, the Northern Right Whale is one of the top 10 most endangered animals because it has been almost poached to extinction in the U.S. and Canada. The Northern Right Whale was number 5 on the list of 10, and it is estimated that only about 350 individuals remain. The species is protected, but individuals are still accidentally killed in fishing nets. 

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