What is 1 must have green back to school supply?



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    The best thing to take back to school with you would be a reusable water-bottle. Americans buy over 28 billion single serving bottles everyday. Most of these bottles are not recycled as commonly thought. The production of bottles in the U.S. also uses over 1.5 million barrels of oil every year. By buying a reusable and washable bottle you are not only saving money but also limiting your carbon footprint.

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    On the topic of re-usable, I think that a good pannier bag is important so that students can ride their bicycles to school without straining their backs/shoulders. Pannier bags attach to a rack on the rear of a bicycle rather than to the body of the person. Some pannier bags can be converted to a backpack or a shoulder bag once the student reaches his/her destination. This makes it easier for students to lug their heavy textbooks, binders, and notebooks to and from school.

    I started using a pannier bag about half-way through high school and continued to use it all though college. I still use my pannier bags for grocery shopping today. I never had one that converted to a backpack, but I still find them more convenient than a regular backpack. A good pannier bag is one of the best investments you can make!

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    Ah I love the usable water bottle answer – very true! And the pannier bag sounds like a great idea as well! I’d like to add my own two cents. I would say, in general, purchasing an eco-friendly planners, pens/pencils and notebooks . Kinda lame, I know – but those are stuff I follow. For some cool stuff try a resuable lunchbox if you tend to bring stuff from home to eat on campus.

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