Is wet dog food or dry dog food worse for the environment?



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    I think it depends on the brand, and how the food is processed. For example, a wet dog food is potentially processed more (using more energy, etc.) than a dry food, but if the food is from local sources as opposed to, say, China, then it may be better for both the environment and your dog then dry dog food shipped long distances.

    Although I have a great deal of training and education that pertains to the environment, I would personally recommend you choose the health of your dog over environmental issues on this one. You should try and balance personal preferences of your dog with a food that matches with his or her age/lifestyle/activity/etc. and a food that is made from natural and organic products. It is important to remember that dogs are omnivores, and based on personal experience (the neighbor’s vegetarian dog ate 12 of our chickens and 3 of our sheep once), I highly recommend maintaining a balanced diet for your animal.

    There are plenty of resources for seeking out the best options for your loved one, I’ve provided a few resources below. Remember too, though, that trying 15 different types of natural foods to try and find the right one is likely stressful for your dog, as well as wasteful since processing of those foods takes resources. If your dog does not like something, make sure to donate it to a local shelter or animal foster home so needy pets may enjoy it.

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