Weren’t all native species technically invasive species at some point?

The earth obviously wasn’t created with all the native species we have today. And all those species certainly didn’t appear at the same time. So wasn’t each of them technically an invader at one point or another? So, in a million years from now, what will be the big deal with all the so-called invasive species we worry about today?



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    Well, the problem is that a million years ago, we humans were not as involved with messing with the ecosystem as we are today. Many of the invasive species scares that have occurred over the past two centuries were induced, unfortunately, by humans. For example, it was from patterns of human movement (such as ships sailing from one port to another one) that first allowed for alien species to establish themselves. Because of the nature of how this establishment came to be, it is not as natural a process as you claim. To answer your question tersely, we are responsible for causing many of these problems and so we should be the ones to worry (by moral grounds).

    From a different standpoint in which the human is theoretically not responsible for the invasion of an alien species, a good reason we must try to manage invasive species is because it directly affects our natural resources. Invasive species disrupt predictable ecological processes, which can cause the destruction of plant and animals species that we as humans rely on, both directly and indirectly. For example, giant salvinia can choke out entire bodies of water, thus prevent new oxygen from entering the waters, killing the fish that live below (many of which we consume as precious sources of nutrition).

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    The evolution of life is what gradually creates new species. If plants and animals spread naturally then they are unlikely to suddenly invade a new territory, that hasn’t evolved to contain similar species. Evolution requires slow changes so the formation of an invasive species in a new area is almost impossible. Humans moved plants and animals around themselves, sometimes on accident. This does something that nature could never do; introduce completely new species in a place that has nothing similar.

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