Were you surprised by any of the 17 worst climate killers in rolling stone magazine?



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    Warrewn Buffet is a suprising person to put here. He is a venture capitalist who believes in the importance of bug business, he is also a well known philanthropist. While he may be wrong on certain issues (the article points out how he is wrtong about cap and trade), but it is unfair to call him one of the 17 worst climate killers.

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    I was actually surprised by a lot of them, particularly Senator John McCain.  When he was campaigning to be the president I heard very little about is stance on climate legislation, so I find it debatable whether or not he should be considered a “climate killer.”  Additionally, I thought it was interesting how many politicians are on the list.  Yes, they make laws that have a big impact on everyday life, but I was expecting the list to be more businessmen and cultural figures.

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