Were you shocked when you first heard that Wal-Mart was trying to be sustainable?



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    Yes!! Because Wal-Mart, even though they said they would stop, still buy and sell cypress mulch! Cypress mulch is made from clear cutting cypress trees and making them into garden mulch. Cypress trees are the gulf states best natural defense against hurricanes and are habitat to many endangered species and a resting stop for many migratory birds. The reason why they keep clear cutting cypress trees is because Wal-Mart (and other stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot) keep buying them!

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    This is a great example of the fact that being green is trendy these days. Walmart wants to appeal to everyone, so it will say anything to do so. If it means selling reusable shopping bags, then sure. The point is, there’s so much more to being sustainable than using canvas shopping bags…even stopping with the cypress mulch, and superstores like Walmart who drive prices down and kill communities are the antithesis of what it means to create sustainability.

    The business model that supports Walmart CAN NOT support sustainability.

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    Not at all. Regardless of whatever else it is, it’s good marketing. They just have smart PR guys, as most big corporations do.

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