were there really unicorns?

I know it’s pretty random, but everyone in my Drama class is OBSESSED with unicorns…


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    There’s no evidence that suggests unicorns exist or have ever existed.  Of course, it’s impossible to prove with evidence that they aren’t real, but that’s usually the case with mythical creatures.  You can’t prove they exist, and you can’t prove they don’t exist, but the lack of evidence strongly suggests that they are not real.

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      thank you! now I can tell my friends that they might’ve been unicorns…

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      If I wasn’t clear before, let me reiterate: what your friends saw was probably not a unicorn. Just because I can’t prove that they aren’t real doesn’t mean that they are. In fact, using this logic, you could claim anything “might be real,” which just isn’t the case. Hope this clarifies things for you.

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    No, unicorns never actually existed. Many animals over the years have been confused with a unicorn, such as the narwhal and rhinocerouses, and plenty of evidence has been faked by less-than-upstanding natural scientists, but no actual unicorns have ever been found. A "unicorn," created by combining the bones of a woolly rhinoceros, a mammoth, and the horn of a narwhal

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    There is no scientific evidence that unicorns ever existed and they are considered to be mythological creatures. It is quite interesting though that there are so many references towards unicorns from so many different cultures throughout time.

    In Italy a deer was born with a genetic mutation which made one horn grow from his head instead of the typical 2. It is thought that similar horned animals could have been born with mutations making them very rare and unicorn-like.

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    No, but they are still fun to think about.

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    Despite having a strong mythological presence, and indeed being mentioned in sources as varied as Aristotle and the King James Bible, to date there is no scientific evidence for unicorns.

    A medieval tapestry featuring a unicorn:

    I think the narwhals, sometimes referred to as the “unicorns of the sea”, are a very cool, oceanic version of the mythological unicorn.

    Like the unicorn, the narwhal also has some mystery surrounding it. According to National Geographic, scientists remain uncertain as to the exact purpose of the narwhal tusk (the tusk is actually the narwhal’s tooth). The ivory tusk grows to prominent size only in the male narwhals, and its hypothesized uses vary from mate attraction to jousting. Also, narwhals have been reported to gather in tremendous numbers – sometimes as large as several thousand – again for reasons not entirely understood.

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    it hasn’t actually been proved that there arn’t any unicorns so there actually could be who knows

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    No, unicorns never existed. They are one of the folklore animals that people can be fascinated by, especially because they are similar looking to horses. The unicorn is a legend. 

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