Were there any surprises in the 150 years of data released by the British weather service?



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    Not really. The only surprise is the controversy that the release of Britian’s Met Office’s climate data in December 2009 engendered, largely as a result of the “hacked CRU emails” scandal. In truth the Met Office’s data confirmed what scientists have been saying for years: that the earth is getting steadily warmer. When a computer hacker broke into the East Anglia, England Climate Research Unit (CRU)’s computer system and reproduced several allegedly incriminating emails, supposedly showing that scientists “hid” data to support global warming, the political repercussions were extensive, even sparking the Met Office to reassess the data and determine whether in fact it is compromised. The controversy over the CRU emails has had the unfortunate effect of diverting attention away from the true nature of climate data, which is consistent and well-supported–not just from the Met Office or the CRU–that temperatures have been rising steadily for the past several decades. Indeed there are those who believe the whole CRU email episode is in the nature of a manufactured controversy, and that those who focus on it are doing so out of misunderstanding or willful denial of scientific method and the factual basis behind the data that has been released.

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