Were there any Greek gods that protected the environment?



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    Well, Gaia was the “Mother Earth” in Greek mythology. Not only did she give life to all the living things on earth, but she works to “harmony, wholeness, and balance within the environment.” In Greek mythology, all living things depended on her for health and well being. She would probably be the closest thing to a Greek god environmentalist. 

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    Demeter, also known as Ceres by the Romans, was one of the more prominent Greek deities and watched over the harvest and grains and was closely tied to the changing of seasons.  As far as the Greek Olympian gods go, she was as close to an environmentalist as you could get, being especially revered among farmers and rural Greeks.  

    To correct edmccoy11 slightly, although Gaia was technically a deity, she did not factor into the Olympian myths that informed Greek religion, because she was seen as being the earth itself, as opposed to being a personification of one or more aspects of the planet (i.e. War, Death, the Sea, The Moon).  

    In my opinion, as for modern-day symbolism utilizing the Greek gods for environmental needs, either goddess would be a good choice.

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