Were San Francisco’s Save the Bay ads that said “They don’t do it to you” effective in changing people’s habits?



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    Advertising is supposed to evoke change in one’s behavior, whether it’s the act of purchasing a product, service, or to change one’s personal behavior and habits. Ads that deal with animals and save the plant, naturally pull at people’s heartstrings. Unfortunately, not everyone is emotionally affected by advertising like the San Francisco Save the Bay ads. I’m sure these ads evoked change in many people’s behaviors, attitudes, and overall made them think about the impact they were making. While this is probably true, there are those people who weren’t affected by the ads and kept going about their daily lives. Advertising such as this will make a difference in behavior, it takes time, and many many ads to evoke a large change. Hopefully this can continue to help people realize just how much impact they have on the environment, and know that animals and nature need a voice too. 

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