Were people going green in the 80’s?



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    Yes! The environmental movement started way before the 80s, probably during the 50s. For example, Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” about the environmental consequences of using DDT was published in 1962.

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    In response to Henry,

    According to this website (http://www.environmentalhistory.org/), where an American scholar had timelined environmentalism as a private project, Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” being the start of the environmental movement is a myth. In fact he goes on to list environmental impacts throughout our century stating, “This shows that history is not a static collection of well known facts any more than science is an unchanging description of the physical world.”


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    Definitely, thought it wasn’t as mianstream. Jimmy Carter placed solar panels on the White House before they were taken down in 1986 during the Reagan presidency. I think the gas/oil crisis during the 70s woke a few people up.

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