Were pagans the earliest environmentalists?



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    Actually many people believe that Native Americans are considered to be the first real environmentalists, mainly because they respected the earth, only took what they needed, and l lived simply. 

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    The earliest known writings about environmental matters came from Arabic medical treatises.  These were written in the early 13th century and were concerned with air contamination, water contamination, soil quality, and environmental assessments.

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    If you think about this question logically, the first people alive who felt the planet was worth reverence and protection were the first “environmentalists,” although that specific term is a recent invention. Also, “Paganism” could mean a lot of different things. There is not just one set of beliefs for “Pagans.” Any ancient peoples who worshipped the earth or many different gods could be considered “Pagan” by some definitions. However, there were probably living beings in pre-history who revered the earth and had a less-organized system of spiritual beliefs.

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