Were humans always omnivores?



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    Modern day humans, homo sapiens, have always been omnivores. There is recent evidence that even our closest anscestore, homo erectus, were omnivores.

    There is a current debate, that despite our history, we as humans today biologically resemble herbivores more than we do carnivores or omnivores. Some declare that this is proof that we should all stop eating meat. Others maintain that this is simply a result of our ability to make meats as easy to digest as vegetables.

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    Yes. Homo sapiens were the evolutionary product of omnivorous primates, whose diets primarily consisted of leaves, nuts, and fruits with only occassional inclusions of meat; however, as Homo sapiens continued to specialize and evolve, the species had at its disposal a wider range of tools and strategies for securing meat, allowing animal protein to become a much larger staple of the early human diet than it had been for other primates to that point.

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