Were electric cars really produced in the 1970s?



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    Indeed they were. Amectran’s EXAR-1 was the first electric vehicle designed from the ground up with $18 million dollars in total R&D costs. The inventor had an uphill battle, being lied to by the Dept. of Energy, being attacked & beaten on network TV in the Chicago Auto Show by security during his product launch, and getting taken to court on trumped-up charges.
    “Edmond X. Ramirez, Sr. is the inventor of the EXAR-1 Electric Car; the “Worlds First (Real) Production, Electronic Powered Automobile”. In 1973 he began with the idea that an electric automobile must be designed with not only an approach toward technically advance design, manufacturing, sales, distribution, repair and maintenance aspects, but also to a totally new way of how the electric automobile should be viewed in relation to the environment. Amectran, acronym for AMerican ECological TRANsportation, was the companies avatar, it very ethos, the integral concept that any new electric automobile must be one with the environment, nature, and the humankind…the EXAR-1 was the result.”
    It is pretty crazy that we’ve had this for so long and what it takes to actually get the ball rolling on serious production and distribution of electric car technology.

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    The first electric cars were produced commercially in the 1890s, and continued into the 1920s with some success.

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