Were camels native to Australia?



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    No.  Camels were imported there around 1840 to be used in exploration.  They started being bred there in 1866.  Even though the camels that were bred in Australia were superior, there was still a need for mass amounts of cheap camels, so they continued to be imported.  Once the motorized vehicle came to Australia, they had no need for the vast amounts of camels that they had, and so they were released.  The camels have since formed many free range herds in the desert area, and continue to populate.

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    No. Camels were imported to Australia between 1840 and 1907 to provide transportation to the new settlers. Once the railroad system was in place, they were no longer necessary and were set free, where their numbers increased greatly over the years. Although most camels live in Africa and the Middle East, Australia is the country with the largest camel population. In  2010, Australia was estimated to have 1.2 million camels.

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