were any classical philosophers also environmentalists?



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    There were more classical philosophers (if you mean ancient philosophers like socrates, plato, epicurius, aristotle; or if you mean medieval philosophers like Thomas Aquinas; or even more modern philosophers like Kant, Hume, and Locke) that were naturalists as opposed to environmentalists. Environmentalist being a relatively recent term, and one would have to have an awareness of the key issues of the problem of climate change (and indeed, they would had to have to existed yet: Socrates and Plato lived around 400 bc, and that’s about 2000 years (at least 1500) before rapid population expansion started to occur and then the dreaded internal combustion engine was invented… one more thing the industrial revolution started, I’m saying, was environmentalism, because there is a fundamental problem to solve at the core of environmentalist movement (and that is the restoration and preservation of the natural environment, which was not yet threated to the extent that we now know).  There are some modern philosophers who are, however, true environmentalists; the most notable amongst them is probably Skinner; he’s a vegan super-freak (righteous one!)—the guy won’t even wear a leather belt! Also, I wikipedia-ed this guy, Wendell Berry, who is definitely a philosopher / environmentalist (but I don’t know if he counts as a classical philosopher)… One can imagine though that any of the ancient thinkers and lovers of wisdom would be environmentalists, as they did have a keen interest on the natural world, and human interests.

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    what would be the benefits in preserving natural habitats that is also been a focus of any philosopher? and whose philosopher would it be?

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