well can you write a paragraph about chocolate please please please please please pleaase please please please?!

i really want you to write one so please please please i need that for an assignment!



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    Chocolate as most people know it is a sweet, rich flavor that may come in the form of a candy bar, hot drink with marshmallows, syrup, icing or brownie. The cacao plant grows in equatorial regions worldwide, and chocolate has a rich history of human consumption. Some ancient civilizations mixed crushed cacao bean with hot water, chilies and vanilla to create a drink. The Aztecs also recognized the beans as currency, and the Mayas believed in a cacao god. Spaniard colonizers found an affinity with chocolate drinks and introduced the concoction to Europe. After hundreds of years of being consumed in liquid form, a Dutch chemist discovered how to create solid chocolate. Frenzy for chocolate has created a huge market for the product. Contemporary concerns include the promotion of organic and socially acceptable practices in the chocolate industry.

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