We would like to raise some money to donate to an environmental organization. What are some green fundraising ideas?

We are students without a lot of money ourselves, but are hardworkers and willing to try different ideas!



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    I’ve been in three environmental groups on campus, and a fraternity. I’ve found out that trying to get students to donate never works, since all students are broke. Bake sales will fail most of the time. I would suggest calling a local grocery store and asking if you can stand outside and ask people to donate after they make purchases. It requires little planning and materials; all you need is transportation to the store and some cans.

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    Sell reusable waterbottles. These can be bought in bulk for very cheap. I am a college student and my environmental group is planning on doing this next year. Good luck 🙂 

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    There are a few different companies out there that will pay you for old ink cartridges, cell phones, and printers. Terracyle offers $0.02 for every Capri sun pouch you recycle (it’s something). My organization just did a 5% day at Whole foods, it took awhile for our application process to go through, but it was well worth it. Most major companies have a community relations department and fund organizations.

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