We have a soft needled conifer ~100 feet tall, light bark, horizontal/pyramid shape, light green needles 3″ at most, very large green FAT UPRIGHT cones all summer, San Jose CA. Can you help identify?



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    This sounds like it might be a fir tree, which are known for their upright cones.

    Comparing your description to descriptions and pictures of common fir trees it might be a California Red Fir, also known as a Silvertip.

    Here are some links to pictures of Silvertips if you would like to compare them:



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    It is hard for me to help you identify your pine without a picture of the tree and the number of needles in a cluster and whether or not the pine bares berries.


    But to help you idenify your Californian pine here is a great identifying site, super easy and will hopefully help you name your pine!

    The other two sites might help as well.







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