we have a red fox family living under a rock in our back yard. What is the best way to get them to move on?



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    Red foxes are a good neighbor to have since they will eat mice, rats and bugs that you wouldn’t want in your back yard, but you may still want to get rid of the red fox family. At random times during the day, make your presence known to the foxes. Go out for a walk several times a day in your yard. Drag a stick around. Move the trees and bushes around. Disturb their area. Walk around the yard and make noise. Also you can have your dog (if you have one or borrow one from a friend) walk around the yard and leave their mark. A fence around your yard might not help as foxes are pretty smart animals and will tend to find a way into the yard. Renadine is used in the UK to get rid of the foxes but it is not available in the US. It smells really bad and is sprayed around to keep the foxes out but the smell might keep everyone away. Hopefully they will just leave on their own for you and soon.

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