We have a pine tree with some dead branches in front of my office. We don’t want to remove the tree but would like to know how to maintain the dead branches. And should they be removed?



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    It is alright to prune the dead branches, since they are already dead and the tree has stopped sending nutrients to them. In fact, i would encourage pruning them, as their weight can become a liability in storms, which might result in other, healthy parts of the tree taking damage, not to mention pests might move in. It won’t hurt the tree to prune off dead weight though.

    I hope this helped!

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    I would definitely prune the dead branches so the tree looks better and a dead branch does not accidently fall on someone working at or visiting your office. Hopefully the rest of the tree is still healthy and by removing the branches that have died the tree will continue to grow without infection or further disease.

    If branches continue to die or you notice that the leaves are changing colors and dying (not like in the fall, but because they are diseased) I would contact a local garden center to find out what to do for the tree. It may have insects attacking it and you will want to consider some pesticide (or perferably, organic alternative) or even removing the tree before it dies.

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