We have a lifetime of photographs which need to be “tossed”. How does one recycle paper and negatives which contain silver?



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    There is no current method for recycling old photographs and negatives.  Depending on the age, I recommend reusing them instead.  If there are any art studios or antique stores near you it would be very easy to donate them.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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    Agreed.  I have actually seen ads on craigslist asking for old photographs.  They make great greeting cards, if you don’t mind some pictures of your relatives floating out there.  As far as the negatives, you could look for an up-cycling company that might take them.  I know there are some companies that make bags or purses out of negatives, so they may be interested in donations, or you could probably find some art student who would love to work with that medium.

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