We have an infestation on our linden tress (Nova Scotia) where the grub eats the leaf from the inside leaving just the brown skin of the leaf. Is there more investigation to do? I have pics.



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    The symptoms that you describe sound somewhat like a winter moth infestation. The larvae emerge in the spring (march and april in Massachusetts) and march up the tree eating the leaves while they are still buds. It seems late, but you are much further north than we are, so I suppose it is possible that you are just running into this now. If this is the case, for this year your tree will likely produce a new set of leaves at some point and the larva will have moved onto another stage of development. Over time, however, this can lead to limb mortality and eventual death of the tree. I would recommend calling in a tree specialist to take a look. There are things that you could do late next winter to curb the problem before the caterpillars hatch.

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