We have 2 newts for the last two years. One of them is fat and healthy, the other one is skinny and doesn’t seem to eat. He is developing some white spots on his skin. What might be wrong with him and what can we do?

The newts live in an acquarium in a public library. We have a light on them during the day.



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    He might have a fungal infection. There are different kind of infections that manifest in white spots. It is recommended that you separate the two newts and quarantine the sick one so that if it is a fungal infection it does not spread. Send an email to newtlover@hotmail.com for some individualized recommendations.

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      Thanks, this is helpful, although now that he is swimming in temporary container the spots seem to have disappeared. He may not have a fungal infection, but he is not OK. I am only the temporary caretaker, but I will passyour reply on to his “mother.” Thanks!

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      Thank you. I am just taking care of the newts today, and it seems that the white spots came off. (Perhaps they were ust topical from something in the tank.) But he is very skinny and doesn’t eat, while the other one is too fat. I separated them for a little while and all I have to feed is Reptofeed gammarus 100% dried shrimp. Two days age we tried worms and he did not touch those either. Thanks again,

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