we found a baby snake in our office. What is it? it dissappeared down a crack in the skirting board.

This snake is 6-7 inches long, and as thick as a pencil,sandy couloured, with a big head and markings on the back of the neck. a baby i think, anyone know what we have living in our house?
We live in a rural community.



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    Well it also depends on the region you are in.  If you could give me an idea of region and climate I might be more helpful.

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    If you live eastern United States this could be a brown snake (Storeria dekayi). It is about this length and the size of a pencil. It is tan in color with some black on the back. They are docile snakes and do not get a lot bigger than this size. The babies are born live in the fall and are about the size of a small earthworm!

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