we can see stars from the earth.but why we can see see the plain flying in the sky when its so high?



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    Stars are sources of light.  They are suns, much like our own that give off heat and immense levels of light.  Airplanes only reflect light, meaning they do not glow or produce a light source to shine back to earth.  Also planes often fly at altitudes that exceed the level of cloud cover, and are therefore hidden from our view from the ground.

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    Another reason that explains this difference is the discrepancy between size and distance of the objects involved. An airplane is very small compared to the Earth, so when it’s flying thousands of feet in the air it’s like tossing a needle into a haystack. Stars, on the other hand, tend to be much larger than Earth, even larger than our own Sun, so even though they could be lightyears away, their size allows us to see them quite easily. The fact that they emit light also helps.

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