We can make electersity with garbage. Therefore ask you,How we can create electersity with garbage?



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    I have heard of this once and it is AWESOME.

    A very clever man named Jeff Surma, chemical engineer, is certain he can turn garbage into gas! The waste is shredded and heated to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, while being infused with oxygen. 75-85 % of the waste is vaporized into a blend of gases called syngas. The remaining hot waste that was not vaporized will not be subjected to 18,000 degrees, which converts the waste into atomic elements (crazy, eh?) in an emission-free molecular deconstruction. This is done by using high powered plasma.

    The resulting gas (syngas) from both steps is mainly carbon monoxide and hydrogen which can be converted to diesel, ethanol and for electricity.

    Show to everyone and lets make this happen!!!

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