We bought 3 years ago a Peachtree that was adapted to N. Fla. weather.

First year we had the best peaches ever. Since it will produce peaches but they stay the size of a marble and hard never riping. What are we doing wrong?



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    Does the tree get yellow leaves on it? It is possible that the tree is not getting enough nutrients from the soil and cannot produce large fruits. If the leaves are yellowing, it is because your soil lacks the necessary nitrogen.

    When a tree grows it invests in staying alive and maintaining itself (sufficient roots for stability and leaves for photosynthesis to produce food for the tree). If the tree is lacking nutrients it may not be able to reproduce and produce nice, large fruits.

    I would try fertilizing the tree. Check with a garden center as to the best fertilizer for fruit trees and read the label so you apply the correct amount. Repeat as suggested. It may not help for this season, but if the tree is able to get the necessary nutrients, it should begin producing better fruits in the future.

    Good luck!

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