Is the water in Venice really polluted?



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    Yes, the Venice Lagoon has issues with pollution and rising water levels.  In 1999 members of greenpeace even held tours of the pollution to raise awareness.  Local industries have been accused of creating this pollution.

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    Unfortunately yes. The water quality of the Lagoon of Venice is affected by pollution problems that are mainly due to the discharge of nutrients and toxicants from the watershed. Motorboat and oil tanker traffic have also contributed to the high pollution levels along with various industries, urban centers, and intensive agricultural practices.

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    Not only is the water of the Venice canals in Europe polluted, but right here in America, the canals of Venice Beach in Los Angeles are horribly dirty.

    Overgrowth of Algae, Fecal matter, random piles of trash (I have seen a toilet in there), and runoff are just a couple of the disgusting things you can find right here in America. 

    I have to admit they are VERY pretty to look at from a-far.  However, when you get close, they smell, are stagnant, and are a greenish brown color with very little life.

    [img_assist|nid=156175|title=Venice Canals|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=302]

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