Is water vapor bad for the environment?



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    Yes and no. Water vapor is, obviously, the primary factor in the whole water cycle, required to become the rain that nourishes our planet. However, it is also the most prevalent greenhouse gas on Earth. Water vapor creates clouds, and clouds prevent heat from escaping the planet’s surface.

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    Yes, more water vapor is definitely bad for the environment. This is because when you have more water vapor, which is itself a greenhouse gas, this increases the “warming effect of increased atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide.” Scientists term this a “positive feedback.”

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    Water vapor itself is a greenhouse gas, like methane and carbon dioxide. these gases trap infrared radiation from the sun causing the earth to heat. However water vapor occurs naturally and is a stage in the water cycle. This vapor will eventually become rain and only in a few days, as opposed to the long time carbon takes to complete its cycle.

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