Water softeners, is potassium more eco friendly than salt and worth it?

When we got our water softener I remember doing tons of earth friendly research (4 years ago or so) and got a regular softener but decided to use potassium instead of salt. It’s hard to find and $$ so just wondering if others have done research and agree with my findings or if I should just save money for other green stuff and use salt.



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    Potassium chloride is definitely more environmentally friendly than sodium-based water softeners (i.e. salt) because potassium is a necessary plant nutrient. While it is more expensive, harder to find, and requires more to work, it does eliminate health concerns assoicated with sodium chloride water softeners.

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    Potassium chloride water softener is regarded as a more eco-friendly alternative to salt. For one thing, salt used for water softening returns to the environment and is known to replace calcium and magnesium, which offsets the ecological balance of things. Too much salt will hinder plant growth, or kill plants altogether and negatively impact agricultural areas.

    Potassium does not have this effect on plants. Furthermore, potassium softeners are better for human health, as the average American has problems with excessive sodium, and ingesting water softened with salt is a good way to make that amount even higher. I would recommend continuing with the potassium chloride route.

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