Is water a renewable or non-renewable resource?



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    Yes and no, depending on what you mean by resource. If you are refering to water as a resource that can be depleted like lumber or oil, then no. Water is used by us for drinking, washing, etc., and is then evaporated into the air as water vapor, then rains down to the same location or another. Now, water can become rare in a particular region or area due to dryness or drought, but it doesn’t just disappear off the face of the planet. On the other hand, if poisoned or polluted to a terrible degree, water can become unusable by us, and then considered a “depleted” resource.

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    Water is a reusable resource. Water can be recycled. Wastewater is recycled and treated for  irrigation, agriculture, industrial processing, and toilet flushing uses. Recycling water is not only environmental but contributes to financial savings. Water is also recycled for drinking and there have been no reports of any  human health problems caused from the treated water. Recycled water can also be used for drinking water but is most commonly used for nonpotable purposes.

    Recycling water is beneficial because it helps society sustain a controlled level of water supply and benefits the environment Wastewater can also be used to not only reduce and prevent pollution but also to contribute to the creation of or enhancement of wetlands and riparian habitats.

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    I agree with elizatran48 this is because water can never be scarce in the sense that water can be used and reused again without reaching infinite and this makes it a renewable resource in a scientific and economic point of veiw ,but however it must be noted that after using water for bathing there noway you are going to use it for cooking but all the same it can be used for flushing,carwashing and also flower watering.Well this makes a renewable resource

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