Is the water quality in Germany good?



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    According to the German Federal Ministry of Health and the German Federal Environment Agency, more than 99% of water facilities in Germany comply with legal standards and have been rated “good” to “very good.” There were very few instances of nitrates and coliform bacteria. Each of Germany’s 2,624 water facilities were tested from 2005-2007.

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    As valeriec5 explained German water quality is good and safe to drink.  Visiting tourists should be fine drinking from tap, however, many Germans don’t.  When dining out, you are not served free glasses of water and heaven forbid if you ask for any! This is due to the fact that the German word for tap water (Leitungswagger) translates to plumbing water.   Also German culture finds tap water to plain to partner with their meal.  If water is consumed, it is carbonated.   

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