Is the water quality better in Mexico or Africa?



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    Water quality in either region would vary by the specific sub-region and whether the environment was a city or country one.  Water quality would most likely be better in each region in a city area, because there would be a higher chance of public water resources being run through some type of treatment facility.  An exception to this would be if the water was originating from an artesian source, although there may a chance of bacterial or chemical contamination even with a deep groundwater aquifer.  Rain water collection would be the most contaminant free form of water sourcing, whereas any water coming from an untreated municipal source (such as a river that runs through several urban/industrial/agricultural areas) would be a source of poor water quality in either area.

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    Mexico is a region well-known for its unsafe water but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), travelers also face high risk in Central America, most of Africa and Asia, and the Middle East. Therefore, it’s hard to say if the quality of water is better in Mexico or Africa, because it definitely depends on a lot of factors such as which part of either country you’re referring to. 

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