Is water damage the worst part of mountain top mining?



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    The Environmental Protection Agency studied more than 1,200 stream areas impacted by mountaintop mining and found numerous environmental impacts. Minerals such as zinc and selenium occurred in higher levels, impacting fish and lessening stream diversity. Some streams were covered entirely with valley fill from the mining. Forests were broken into fragmented sections. Social, economic and heritage concerns are also a worry, though they have not been evaluated. In short, stream damage is one of the largest impacts of mountaintop mining, but habitat degradation mirrors its severity.

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    Damage to water sources and water quality is one of the most destructive aspects of mountain top mining. It destroys headwater river and stream systems, which affects everything downstream. Mountain top mining uses explosive such as dynamite to blast the top off of mountains, large machinery to destroy local forests and landscape, and results in hundreds of miles of stream destruction. In the Appalachian Mountains, mountain top mining has destroyed 800 square miles of mountain landscape, 7 percent of forests, and 1,200 miles of streams, where another 1,000 miles of streams are expected to be destroyed in the next 10 years.

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    Yes, Mountain top minining is one of the source which is responsible for the water damage.

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    Of course its a biggest problems now a days.

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    It has become such a biggest problem for water damage..


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    According to environmental protection agency, It has become the biggest problem and responsible for water damage.


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