Is water the best way to cool nuclear reactors?



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    Water is, in fact, the best way to cool nuclear reactors. The idea is that water should be pushed passed the nuclear core to move as much of the heat as possible away from the core, sort of like running cold water over a burn. The radioactive material left at the core will give off heat for a very long time and can cause damage to reactors and potentially lead to a meltdown. Many nuclear power plants have systems in place that are designed to cool the reactor and keep it cool in the event of damage, loss of power etc.

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    Yes. Water is a great substance for regulating the temperature of anything. It is used in many industries, not just the nuclear power industry. Water has a high specific heat compared to many other substances, meaning that it can absorb a lot of energy in the form of heat from something else without changing temperature much itself. The ability of water to do this makes it very special. Water also helps regulate the temperatures of coastal climates by absorbing heat during the day and releasing it at night. People love living in coastal areas because the days are cool and the nights are relatively warm compared to inland climates.

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