wat is oppervlakspanning van vloeistowwe ?



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    The closest thing I could find for this was “oppervlakspanning van vloeistowwe”, which is Dutch for surface tension of liquids.  This is a property of liquids that forms a sort of “film” on the top; it is harder to penetrate this film than to move through the liquid when completely submerged. 

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    Surface tension in liquids refers to the tendency of like substances to attract slightly — this cohesion of like molecules is a result of irregular electron configurations forming when molecules in a liquid form are close to each other. This results in small charges in the molecules (less than that of an ion), and therefore slight bonding — this is similar to van der waals forces. Because of this cohesion, the molecules on the border adhere more strongly to their adjacent molecules, creating a sort of film and leading to interesting behavior.

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