Is nuclear waste radioactive?



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    Nuclear waste by its very definition is radioactive. The waste comes from nuclear reactors as well as a myriad of other sources, all of which are highly radioactive and toxic to humans.

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    Yes. That is one of the major issues with commissioning nuclear energy. Nuclear waste is highly unstable, which means that alpha particles fly off nuclear waste at a high and dangerous rate. That is why all nuclear waste needs to be buried in secure chambers.

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    I do not mean to diminish the danger of radioactive waste, but alpha particles are not very dangerous unless you eat or breathe the material generating them. They do not travel very far, and are relatively slow. In fact, many Americans have their own alpha-particle generator in their smoke detectors. Alpha particles are helium nuclei, and in smoke detectors they never leave the chamber where they are generated. Again no worries unless you eat your smoke detector.

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