Was world war 2 really about natural resources?



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    World War II was about dozens of things. Much strategy certainly related to resources, especially oil – it is very high probability that the Germans’ incursion to Stalingrad was designed to eventually provide access and control of the oil fields in Azerbaijan, then probably the largest in or near Europe; and the Japanese foray to Malaya and Singapore was almost certainly geared toward an eventual control of Indonesia’s oil fields – the only large ones within reach of Japan at that time. Malaya was also a target because of its tin and rubber.

    It would be far too simplistic, however, to say that WW2 was “about natural resources” and nothing more.

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    Not really; usually what is considered the biggest cause of WWII is the harsh treatment of Germany in the Treaty of Versailles that ended WWI. The German people deeply resented the Treaty, which destroyed their economy and lead to an extemely unstable state, and so many Germans were prepared to support the Nazi party and a second world war as a means to take back their own. There were other causes of WWII, of course; that is just the biggest one.   

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