Was veganism as popular 10 years ago?



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    It was associated with hippies and treehuggers a decade ago. Now the veganism movement is in style because the cuisine and lifestyle is in demand.

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    According to PR Leap, market trends show that 2007 was the biggest year for veganism ever.  MiV, a vegan consultancy, says that businesses are finally realizing the potentiality of the vegan industries, and that more positive light is being cast on the vegan lifestyle.  I also think that veganism is more popular now than it was ten years ago because there is more information available on it, and it has become easier to be a vegan.  Vegans still obviously make huge changes in their lives, but there are slews of vegan substitutes on the market now that make it possible for almost anyone to make the change.

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    Not really; as mentioned before veganism and vegetarianism were associated with hippies and the counter-culture of the 1960s. It is more popular now just because its importance has grown over time. It also may be related to a more socially aware and environmentally concerned population. In Austin veganism and vegetarianism is very popular, with many restaurants dedicated to serving only vegetarian dishes. So I would say veganism and vegetarianism are at their highest now, than 10 years ago. 

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