Was sparkletts the first company that delivered bottled water to offices?



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    So far as I can tell, yes. The Sparkletts Company began in 1925 in Los Angeles. When they began operations–it’s significant that it was in the month of August–the company ran a promotion that they would fill for free any containers that customers brought with them. The demand was instant. Sparkletts took its water from the Cienega del Garvanza aquifer and conducted an aggressive advertising campaign that emphasized the natural “sparkle” of the water which was said to result from its high oxygen content. Sparkletts’s campaign was so effective that they were unable to keep up with the demand. The company was delivering bottled water to offices at least since the 1930s. The poor quality of water from the Los Angeles River in those days made it an attractive alternative to tap water. Since 1925 the company has been sold several times and is now a subsidiary of DS Waters of America, Inc., so prominent in the industry that they own the domain name “www.water.com.” Sparkletts’s marketing efforts helped brand the “water cooler” as a central feature of work life in the United States.

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