Was the polar bear in the Nissan Leaf commercial a real bear or was it computer generated?

I mean, I know a real bear wasn’t filmed in all the city environments, but was it a real polar bear that was graphically imposed or was the polar bear totally created by a computer?



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    I think the bear in the opening shots near the glaciers was probably just recorded footage of a real bear. While I don’t know if it was computer generated, I highly doubt a real polar bear was allowed to wander the streets of a city and then hug a man. Although I can’t say for sure (a 100% positive answer would require contacting the makers of that commercial), it looks to me like the bear was not CG. The walking scenes may have been superimposed but I think the scene where it hugs the man was more likely either a puppet or a man in a suit.

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    Here is a behind-the-scenes video about the making of the Nissan Leaf polar bear commercial:

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