Was old cooking oil the first type of biofuel?



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    First generation bio-fuels are fuels that have been made from sugar, starch, animal fats, or vegetable oil.  I’m not quite sure whether you mean first generation bio-fuels or whether you are actually looking for the “first” bio-fuel.  If the latter is the case, the second link below is about a car built in 1893 that ran on peanut oil; the article also refers to two scientists who were experimenting with bio-fuels in 1853.

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    The first biofuels were from sugar, starch and vegetable oil. Old cooking oil and used vegetable oil is increasingly being processed into biodiesel or somtimes cleaned of water and particulates and used as a fuel. 

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    Techically, dry wood, dung,  and plants for burning are biofuels, and are the earliest known ones. They are still considered biofuels, as much of the world still relies on these as a primary energy source (about 2.4 billion people, according to the UN). The move away from these biofuels is important, as they are inefficient and constitute a health risk of smoke inhalation.

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