was napoleon to blame for his own downfall

napoleo’s downfall



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    I believe that most conquerors bring about their own downfalls in history.  Napoleon was doing well for most of his campaign to conquer Europe until his pride began to settle in, and he began making mistakes.. When retreating through Russia, he did it during the unforgiving Russian winter and the majority of his men died from the cold or disease. Napoleon himself fled back to France in order to build another army, but in so doing rallied the rest of unconquered Europe against him. France was eventually overrun and Paris captured; Napoleon was exiled to an island as punishment.

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    Napoleon’s major strength also turned out to be his biggest weakness.  His ambition drove him to conquer a massive portion of the European continent, and for much of the 19th century, Napoleon’s empire was the dominant European power.  However, his pride was his downfall; when Napoleon attempted to conquer Russia near the end of his campaign, he ended up having to retreat when much of his already-exhausted army died from the cold, from starvation, or from disease.

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